Blue Heron Bridge Tide Table
April 2021

You will want to enter the water 30 minutes prior to the High Tide time shown in the chart and exit the water 30 minutes after high tide.

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max: 45

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Date1st. High Tide2nd. High Tide1st. Low Tide2nd. Low Tide
04/16 Fri11:48 AM **2.2-- --05:53 AM0.405:47 PM0.1
04/17 Sat12:23 AM 2.712:28 PM **2.106:37 AM0.506:29 PM0.2
04/18 Sun01:07 AM 2.601:12 PM **2.007:25 AM0.607:18 PM0.2
04/19 Mon01:56 AM 2.502:04 PM **2.008:17 AM0.608:13 PM0.2
04/20 Tue02:51 AM 2.503:04 PM **2.009:11 AM0.609:12 PM0.2
04/21 Wed03:50 AM 2.504:08 PM *2.210:05 AM0.510:13 PM0.2
04/22 Thu04:47 AM 2.605:10 PM *2.410:59 AM0.311:14 PM0.0
04/23 Fri05:41 AM 2.706:07 PM 2.711:51 AM0.0----
04/24 Sat06:31 AM 2.807:01 PM 3.012:13 AM-0.112:41 PM-0.2
04/25 Sun07:20 AM 2.907:53 PM 3.301:09 AM-0.201:30 PM-0.5
Table Key:
Dark Green **
 We like to dive during these times. Photography is best noon to 1 `pm.
Light Green *
 These times are good for diving.

The Phil Foster Park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.


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