Blue Heron Bridge Tide Table
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between 05:00pm and 06:00pm

You will want to enter the water 30 minutes prior to the High Tide time shown in the chart and exit the water 30 minutes after high tide.

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max: 45

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Date1st. High Tide2nd. High Tide1st. Low Tide2nd. Low Tide
03/31 Fri05:06 AM 2.305:19 PM *2.011:22 AM0.511:25 PM0.3
04/15 Sat04:49 AM 2.805:13 PM *2.511:00 AM0.111:20 PM-0.1
04/30 Sun05:05 AM 2.405:33 PM *2.311:21 AM0.411:35 PM0.4
05/14 Sun04:26 AM 2.805:02 PM *2.710:39 AM-0.111:07 PM0.0
05/30 Tue04:58 AM 2.305:39 PM *2.511:11 AM0.111:43 PM0.4
06/13 Tue04:57 AM 2.505:46 PM *2.811:08 AM-0.311:52 PM0.2
06/29 Thu04:56 AM 2.205:51 PM *2.811:09 AM-0.111:57 PM0.4
07/12 Wed04:30 AM 2.405:26 PM *2.810:41 AM-0.211:33 PM0.4
07/28 Fri04:15 AM 2.305:19 PM *2.910:32 AM0.011:25 PM0.6
08/10 Thu04:03 AM 2.505:02 PM *3.010:15 AM0.211:11 PM0.8
Table Key:
Dark Green **
 We like to dive during these times. Photography is best noon to 1 `pm.
Light Green *
 These times are good for diving.

The Phil Foster Park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.


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